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 Deck Profile: High-XYZ (Empress Of Death)

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Empress of Death

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PostSubject: Deck Profile: High-XYZ (Empress Of Death)   Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:48 am

Deck name: High-XYZ
Creator: I Empress of Death I

Notes: This Deck is made purely for the sake of having fun, rather than always winning Duels.

Deck Image:

How to use the Deck: The whole point of the Deck is to quickly Summon high-ranked XYZ monsters quickly to defeat your opponent, to bring them to a quick death, and if you lack the key cards to summon them, you stall with cards like Torrential Tribute, Dark Hole and One Day of Peace. Lighten the Load and Magical Mallet are also used to get the cards you need. Exodius the Forbidden Lord and The Transmigration Prophecy are good for recycling previously used used cards.

The only flaw with the Deck is that it lacks a defence, but you know what they say... The best offence is the best Defence.

I hope everyone enjoys the Deck!
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Deck Profile: High-XYZ (Empress Of Death)

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